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"Dominoes" lyrics video

What you see is a kinetic typography lyrics animation of the song called "Dominoes" that I wrote, recorded & produced for the "Mood Swings EP" released in 2020. Often I simply enjoy playing with words & rhymes without putting too much meaning into them which I find very liberating especially in the "rock" genre (in my humble opinion).


Listen to the full song on Spotify here.

Programms used:

  • Adobe After Effects

  • Logic Pro

Created between Dec 2021 and Apr 2022

All my 

Kind Rewards

On Pleasure Island

Low key overload

Hold on 

Stand tall, will you

Why's it taking you so long

I'm in free fall

That fever dream vertigo

Got me high 

Got me high

Lights are blinding my eye

Say, it's only a dream

Don't gimme no detour

See my garden grow

Very slow

Very slow

But I don't mind at all

I give in

To be where 
I belong


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