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"Are U?" music video

"'Are U?' is the inaugural music video I collaborated on with an old school friend, now a visual artist based in Hamburg, Leonard Voutsara. We dedicated two months to brainstorming and scouting numerous locations to craft a low-budget, DIY, yet entertaining indie music video. Once we settled on a storyline and confirmed its feasibility, the real work commenced—securing actors, wardrobe, props, and devising a contingency plan for inclement weather. We meticulously coordinated everything to ensure all elements and participants were ready for the two-day shoot. I was pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm of our friends and their networks, who eagerly participated and contributed to a memorable and exhilarating experience.

We aimed for authenticity in the video and decided to center the plot around a pastime we already enjoyed—ping pong 🏓.

Additionally, friends captured some 'Making Of' footage, which I later utilized for promotional artwork on our band's Instagram profile!"

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