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"Are U?" music video

"Are U?" is the first music video I've worked on together with an old school friend of mine, now visual artist, living in Hamburg, Leonard Voutsara. We have spent 2 months brainstorming and viewing numerous locations that would allow us to create a low-budget, DIY and fun to watch Indie music video. Once we agreed on the plot and knew it was manageable the real work began, which was to find the actors, clothing, requisites and develop a plan B in case of bad weather. We made sure everything & everyone was there on time for the two days of shooting. 

I was positively surprised how most of the friends & friends' friends that we asked got on board with it and made it a nice & exciting experience. 

We wanted to make the video as authentic as possible and figured it would be fun to have the plot revolve around something we were doing in our free time anyway which was ping pong 🏓

Friends also shoot some "Making Of", which I then  used for promo artwork on band's profile on Instagram!

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