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About Re:Animate

Re:Animate is a colorful playground to explore ideas within a concept of using six colors ◼︎◼︎◼︎◼︎◼︎◼︎, a handful of textures, two fonts and music that I’ve written & produced myself. It is also an attempt to create a very personal portfolio to introduce myself to the world digitally, connect and show what I'm most passionate about. The idea was to limit myself graphically to focus more on details in each project since most of them were created from scratch and simultaneously in a rather intense period of 5 months (Nov 2021 - Mar 2022) besides my daytime job as a graphic designer. 

In retrospect this project allowed me to be more open towards new ideas and learn new techniques, which is becoming increasingly more difficult in a professional working environment where time is money and one usually has to prioritize and compromise a lot.

I gave myself the freedom of taking time, exploring and trying to make something work without judging it too much beforehand. At the same time I knew I had to set a deadline because otherwise I could have been working on this forever, running the risk of getting nowhere in the end. 

About Me

My name is Daniel Werner - I was born in Kazakhstan and am now living in Munich. I began writing songs and painting around the age of 14. After having made a bunch of art exhibitions I began to gravitate more towards Communication Design, which I then studied at Hochschule München.

Shortly after college I began working as a graphic designer. At that time I could finally build a little home studio where I do artwork, write and produce my own music independently. At that point I knew I had to update my design portfolio as I grew increasingly unhappy with it. And so this little journey began.

I would say I'm highly interested in visuals, music and ideas in general. The fun part for me is diving deep into a topic while looking for a certain feeling of contrast. Over the years I came to realize that the creative process in both music & design is fairly alike. It gets really interesting for me when other people join for the interaction. It really is all about what's best for each project/piece of music and what each person can bring to the table. And I do appreciate feedback as those close to me may know.

So let's to get in touch in one of those social networks! 

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